Episode 20: Priest – Know Thyself (an interview w/ Fr. Gregory Jensen)

"Know Thyself" by Fr. Anthony Perkins Good Guys Wear Black (AFR Podcast) Fr. Anthony interviews Fr. Gregory Jensen about the need for priests to know themselves.   Read more…


What is a Priest? An Orthodox Statement

by Thomas Hopko The following remarks are intended as a brief apologia for what I understand to be the theological and spiritual vision of the sacrament of the priesthood in the Christian Church. I believe that this vision is rooted in the Church’s understanding of God as the Holy Trinity, with Read more…


A Risk-Averse Approach to Confession

There is a tradition among some Orthodox bishops not give a blessing for newly ordained priests to hear confessions.  Presumably this is in recognition of the tremendous harm even well-meaning but ill-formed confessors can do (and have done, as with the "mladostartsi" or "young elders" in the Read more…


On Personal Preparedness (i.e. the prepper priest)

When you have four hundred pounds of beans in the house, you need have no fear of starvation. Other things, delicacies such as sugar, tomatoes, peppers, coffee, fish, or meat, may come sometimes miraculously, through the intercession of the Virgin, sometimes through industry or cleverness; but your Read more…


Podcast Episode #17: Advice for Preparing For and Dealing With Parish Disasters

Good Guys Wear Black Podcast (Ancient Faith Radio), 19 December 2016 Fr. Anthony Perkins On St. Michael's Day of 2012, the parish of St. Michael the Archangel (UOC-USA) in Woonsocket, RI suffered tremendous damage from a fire. In this podcast, Fr. Anthony, the priest of St. Michael's at that Read more…


Three Traps for New (and Old) Priests

There are many traps that new priests fall into (nor are the more experienced immune).  Today I want to warn them away from three that occur all too frequently; choosing sides necessarily, blaming the former pastor for current problems, and making friends with parishioners. The Temptation of Read more…


Things in the Text of the Divine Liturgy That Make Me Smile

I pray that none will take offense at this post.  It is the way of some (like the hobbits and the English) to make light of serious matters and to give light matters excessive dignity.  This is a case of the former.  - Fr. Anthony +++ Like all priests, I love the Divine Liturgy.  Not just the Read more…