Chaplain Candidate Programs

chaplaincandidatesThe U.S. Military has a program for those interested in entering into the ministry of Armed Forces Chaplain called the Chaplain Candidate program allowing you to explore the vocation of serving as a military chaplain while still in theological school.

There are many benefits to serving in the Armed Forces as a Chaplain, and this path is worth a close look, making the Chaplain Candidate program worth looking at very closely.

Take some time and have a serious look at these programs. Some of the best, most honest and hardest working priests are Military Chaplains. It’s worth your time to consider!

U.S. Army Chaplain Candidate Program

You do not need to wait until ordination to join the Army Chaplaincy. You can train to become an Army Chaplain at the same time you are training for the ministry. The training and experience you will receive as a Chaplain Candidate will be a rich adjunct to your ministerial education and training.  All Chaplain Candidates are commissioned officers assigned to the Army Reserve in the Staff Specialists Branch. Should you decide to become an Army Chaplain, by participating in the Chaplain Candidate Program (CCP), you will have a head start on entering the Army as a Chaplain, as well as enjoying the many benefits and privileges associated with being an Army officer.

U.S. Navy Chaplain Candidate Program

This program is designed to expose seminary students to the diverse and demanding ministry of Navy chaplains serving sea service personnel in a variety of settings. Chaplain candidates wear the uniform and receive pay and benefits only while on annual training. Entry into the Chaplain Corps may be as a lieutenant junior grade or lieutenant. Chaplain students enter at the rank of ensign. The grade and seniority within grade for each applicant commissioned in the Chaplain Corps is determined by the program, amount of service credit awarded for theological education, pastoral/ministry/religious leadership experience and/or prior commissioned service.

U.S. Air Force Chaplain Candidate Program

The Air Force Chaplain Candidate Program is an exciting opportunity for seminary and other professional religious school students to evaluate their compatibility and potential for commissioning as an Air Force Chaplain. The focus is on experiencing ministry in the Air Force during summer tours of active duty. As a chaplain candidate you will draw upon your background, education and experience to function as part of an Air Force chapel team. Upon entering the program you will be commissioned as a chaplain candidate, Second Lieutenant. When you graduate and are endorsed by your religious body, you will be eligible for reappointment as a Chaplain, First Lieutenant, in the USAF Reserve.