A Letter of Elder Joseph To A Seminarian


To John, student of the Theological School Holy Cross, Brookline of Boston Mount Athos, on 06/05/1959. To my beloved John, I pray you have long health and illumination from God, that His good Spirit may open your nous, just as He sent to His holy disciples. Well, good son, fear God and do His commandments and all will be accomplished. I received your letter today and saw what you enclosed, and I rejoiced greatly that you asked for Read more…


On The Duties Of Clergy: Guarding Against Evil Speech


By St. Ambrose of Milan Chapter 4 The same care must be taken that our speech proceed not from evil passions, but from good motives; for here it is that the devil is especially on the watch to catch us. 14. If any one takes heed to this, he will be mild, gentle, modest. For in guarding his mouth, and restraining his tongue, and in not speaking before examining, pondering, and weighing his words--as to whether this should be said, Read more…


On The Day Of His Ordination To The Priesthood


HOMILY GIVEN BY ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM ON THE DAY HE WAS ORDAINED PRIEST St. John Chrysostom was called to the priesthood and ordained by Flavian, bishop of Antioch, early in the year 386.  This is the date of his first sermon: he had not yet descended into the lists, as he himself puts it.  What will you preach at your ordination? Think about it! St. John Chrysostom speaks of himself, the bishop and the people. 1.  Is what has happened Read more…


On Recruiting Future Priests


by George Benjamin Gapen The current shortage of priests has resulted in the recruiting of candidates. Since the parish priest has a unique role in such efforts, this seems an appropriate time and place to remind you of a few things. First, a vocation to the Holy Priesthood is something you cannot produce. Despite intuitions and wishes you cannot impose a vocation where God has not seen fit to grant it. It degrades Divine Providence Read more…


What Does Vocation To The Priesthood Mean?


  While not an authoritative source for such information, it is worth noting that even can have something useful to say about it. Answer: To have a vocation is to have a specific "calling" or disposition towards the religious life. This means that God has granted the soul the grace of a vocation, or the invitation to intimately participate in ministry of His Church or to live, pray and work closer to Himself by living a Read more…


Why Did Paul Make Tents? Part Five


by Ruth Siemens VIII. What Value Has Paul’s Strategy For Us Today? I am convinced that Paul’s strategy for producing missionary lay movements, for exponential growth, holds the solution for world evangelization for the 21st century! I think we cannot fulfill our mandate without Paul. So what can we derive from a study of Paul? 1. It gives us a tested and proven strategy to adapt and implement Paul gives us our only N.T. strategy Read more…


Why Did Paul Make Tents? Part Four


by Ruth Siemens How Well Did Paul’s Strategy Work? Many of his lay evangelists were from unsavory, uneducated, pagan backgrounds. Most were slaves. None had anthropological or missiological training. It cost Paul dearly to bring them the gospel, and they risked their lives without pay to take it to others. Paul had provided a model of suffering. In ten years (the three journeys took a decade) Paul and his friends (a small team Read more…