Preaching Better – Practical Suggestions for Homilists

One of the complaints made against priests is that their homilies are largely a waste of time.  Personally, I think that a good portion of the blame for this lays with the hearer (e.g. lack of preparation, inability to focus, unrealistic expectations), but there is LOT of room for improvement on the Read more…


Episode 25: Training the Whole Mind—Gut, Brain, and Heart

Hunger, Social Media Silence, and the Stickiness of the Priestly Profession by Fr. Anthony Perkins Good Guys Wear Black (AFR Podcast)  March 13, 2017 In this episode Fr. Anthony offers ancient advice for understanding and loving others, even those with whom we are (or seem to be) at war. He Read more…


Ordination to the Priesthood: St. Petersburg Theological Academy

This video of a deacon being ordained to the Holy Priesthood was taken on October 18, 2015, on the 20th Sunday after Pentecost, in St. Petersburg Theological Academy in Russia. It's a visual and musical feast to behold, so be attentive as it has been edited for time. A beautiful video! Read more…


How to Get Competent Musical Leaders (Benedict Sheehan)

Addressing the Crisis:  Part II of the Musical Culture in Crisis series. Benedict Sheehan, The Music Stand (Ancient Faith Blogs) 06 January 2016 Orthodox church music in America is collapsing. What can we do? The first step is simply to recognize that a collapse is taking place. However, Read more…


An Orthodox Seminary in Toronto – it’s well worth checking out!

The Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College: Rigorous Orthodox Studies in a Full-Service University Setting History For nearly ten years, the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College in Toronto (OSTT) has been one of the best kept secrets in the North American Church. The school was Read more…


Pastoral School to Provide Comprehensive Seminary Instruction in Spanish

Glorious news! With the blessing of Archbishop Peter of Chicago & Mid-America, President of the Pastoral School, and Bishop John of Caracas and South America, the Pastoral school is pleased to announce that beginning in February 2017 the Spanish Language Sector of the Pastoral School will Read more…


Top 10 Tips for Attending Seminary

by Fr. Stephen Frase From our friend Fr. Stephen come these top 10 tips. What would you add to them? 1. Don't miss services, not even for studying or writing papers. 2. Go to confession, at least once every three weeks. 3. Ask difficult questions (really any question) to professors after Read more…