GGWB Episode 15: The Priest as Shaman?

In this episode, Fr. Anthony begins by talking about the need to build joy into our routines. Then, after a (satirical) commercial break, he calls for Orthodox priests to consider taking on the role of Orthodox shaman as well. Read more…


GGWB Episode 14: the Priest as Pastor AND Prophet

In this episode, Fr. Anthony begins by talking about things you can learn about priests from the way the keep the altar. Then, after a commercial break for a cool new liturgical gadget, he talks about the trade-offs between the pastoral and prophetic ministries and how they are made one in love.  Enjoy the show! Read more…


GGWB Episode #13: Trust, Max Weber, and Dragon-Slaying Phone Apps

Good Guys Wear Black (Ancient Faith Radio) 23 September 2016, Fr. Anthony Perkins In this episode, Fr. Anthony talks about the phone apps he uses to slay the morning dragon of the desert and redeem the time. After a brief advertisement for an exciting new (bogus) app, he uses Max Weber to explain part of the frustration (and trust issues) on the part of clergy. Enjoy the show! Read more…


The 2016 Old Testament Challenge

If you, like many who read this website, are discerning a vocation to the priesthood or the diaconate, I'd like to invite you to participate in the 2017 Preachers Institute Old Testament Challenge. It starts on Sept. 15th. There is still time to join up and get started! There are many good reasons to want to read the entire Orthodox canon of the Old Testament, but to actually do it requires a certain commitment.  Yes, every book of t Read more…


GGWB Podcast Episode #9: On Funerals

I prepared and recorded this episode in the midst of end-of-life-care and funerals for three prominent parishioners (and committed Christians). May their memory be eternal!  There's a lot I would like to have added to it (and some things I probably should have said differently), but it's a start.  You can add your thoughts and observations on doing funerals (and end of life care) well in the comments section. - Fr Anthony +++ On Fu Read more…


Abbot Tryphon – graceful love (not therapy) is needed

Self-Appointed Therapists: When correcting others becomes a form of abuse Abbot Tryphon in The Morning Offering (11 June 2016) When focusing on the sins of others, we set for ourselves the mission of correcting them. We see ourselves as called to help this poor, unfortunate one by pointing out their sins, and telling them how they can be a better person. We are not being critical, but helpful, we tell ourselves. "Don't take of Read more…


A Few Thoughts on Narcissism in the Priesthood

One of the most popular (and useful) GGWB articles of all time is "Signs in a Congregation That a Leader Has Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder"  If you look at the comments to that article, you will see indicators of something that researchers have confirmed: 1) the proportion of pathological narcissism among clergy is extraordinarily high (this survey of Presbyterian clergy in Canada found that 30% had NPD!); and 2) narcissistic Read more…