Episode 24: A conversation with Fr. Gregory Jensen on Personality Types and the Priesthood

Personality Types and the Priesthood by Fr. Anthony Perkins Good Guys Wear Black (AFR Podcast)  March 10, 2017 In this episode Fr. Anthony Perkins and Fr. Gregory Jensen have a conversation about how a person's personality type (e.g. extravert vs. introvert) affects their priestly service. This Read more…


Advice for priests who feel sorry for themselves (from St. Leo the Great)

I came across this gem while preparing for a Bible Study class on the readings for the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee (esp. 2 Timothy 3:10-15).  This mirrors the advice given to a friend by his doctor when my friend complained about the pain an upcoming procedure was sure to inflict.  In Read more…


Seven Steps to Take if the Cartel and Bullies Run You Out of the Church

by Thom Rainer A church cartel is an alliance of bullies, bully-followers, and even non-Christians in the church. Its ultimate goal is to get its way. It feeds off of selfish power. Bullies love positions of authority in church, and they quickly form Cartels. This is a common thing in the Church, Read more…


Which Professions Are Incompatible With The Priesthood?

All dioceses of the Russian Church will soon be receiving the document “Professions compatible and incompatible with the priesthood,” intended for broad discussion, writes the Church’s official site. The draft document was created by order of an inter-council commission dated January 28, 2015. To Read more…


Therefore I Urge You: Imitate St. Paul

Saint Paul is such a great example of leadership. First, he gave himself 100% in service to God and the Church, showing us what commitment looked like, what it costs, and how it can transform people and communities.  I love that.  Enthusiasm is contagious, and St. Paul was enthusiastic for Read more…


Podcast Episode #17: Advice for Preparing For and Dealing With Parish Disasters

Good Guys Wear Black Podcast (Ancient Faith Radio), 19 December 2016 Fr. Anthony Perkins On St. Michael's Day of 2012, the parish of St. Michael the Archangel (UOC-USA) in Woonsocket, RI suffered tremendous damage from a fire. In this podcast, Fr. Anthony, the priest of St. Michael's at that Read more…


Three Traps for New (and Old) Priests

There are many traps that new priests fall into (nor are the more experienced immune).  Today I want to warn them away from three that occur all too frequently; choosing sides necessarily, blaming the former pastor for current problems, and making friends with parishioners. The Temptation of Read more…