The Priesthood & The Remission of Sins: Part 1


by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos 1. Sacred (ordained) Priesthood My book Orthodox Psychotherapy emphasizes the great value of the Mystery of the Priesthood. Priesthood is highly prized. It is described in the writings of the holy Fathers of the Church, particularly in the teaching of St John Chrysostom, who has been rightly called an expert on the priesthood. As well as observing and analyzing the value of the priesthood, Read more…


Why Study The Diaconate?


An Video Interview with Dr. Andreas Andreopolis Source Read more…


Orthodox Marriage & Its Misunderstanding


by Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev The love that exists between a man and a woman is an important theme in many books of Scripture. The Book of Genesis, in particular, tells us of holy and pious couples, such as Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Rachel. A special blessing, bestowed on these couples by the Lord, was made manifest in the multiplication of their descendants. Love is praised in the Song of Songs, a book Read more…


On The Functions Of The Priesthood

Christ's Tomb

by St. Macarius of Jerusalem And how are the (hierarchical) orders of the holy Church regulated? Let overseers at established posts be given authority to guide into goodness those for whose supervision they have been called. And let those receiving (guidance) from them be not puffed up with haughtiness, holding themselves to be wise while lapsing into foolishness, lapsing into wickedness. For although the spiritual gifts are commonly Read more…


The Fine Line Between Working Hard and Letting Go

disappointment the daily bread of clergy

by Michael Hyatt Some of my favorite memories of growing up are building model airplanes with my dad. I remember him showing me how to assemble, sand, and paint them. I think back on how proud I always was when we finished a project together. On one occasion, I remember struggling to get two parts to fit together. I tried several different angles. Nothing seemed to work. I grew increasingly frustrated. Calmly, my dad said, “Son, Read more…


On The Stricter Judgments In Store For Clergy


by St. Cyril of Alexandria What shall we do against these evils, we who have been entrusted by God with the doctrine of the mystery, against whom on the day of judgment those who are introduced into the mysteries will certainly testify? For they will say that they kept the faith as they were introduced to it by us. And if we have done this rightly, we shall both receive a reward and meet with praise, but if we do otherwise and Read more…


On Those Called To Be Clergyman


by Elder Paisios I see today a certain love to be the first. Many rush to be first - clergy, etc. Yet they base themselves on human strengths and do not get anywhere. If God calls someone to an office, then God is "obligated" to help him to bring to pass his mission. Those who rush are hassled by various problems and their conscience, both now and in the next life. Christians do not ask much from the clergy. Only two things - that Read more…