Clergy Anger & the Urgency of a True Spiritual Life

Clergy headaches

by Thomas G. Bandy Thinking about ordained ministry? Think twice, act once. As I coach pastors, one of the most pervasive issues is clergy anger. Anger, of course, is just one half of the vicious cycle of anger-depression. Clergy are more likely to admit to depression, because admitting anger makes them feel too guilty. Yet admitting depression ... without admitting the root cause of repressed anger ... is a form of dishonesty with Read more…


On The Duties Of Clergy: The Dangers Of Speaking


by St. Ambrose of Milan Manifold dangers are incurred by speaking; the remedy for which Scripture shows to consist in silence. Book 1: Chapter II 5. Now what ought we to learn before everything else, but to be silent that we may be able to speak? lest my voice should condemn me, befor that of another acquit me; for it is written: "By thy words thou shall be condemned." (Matt. 12:37) What need is there, then, that thou should Read more…


On The Duties Of Clergy

before thy cross

By St. Ambrose of Milan Book I: Chapter I Elected to the episcopacy while still a layman, by the common acclaim of the citizens of Milan, St. Ambrose took his duties and those of his clergy with great seriousness and exacting. We'll be publishing a section of his work "On The Duties Of Clergy" every Monday for awhile. Read and enjoy. 1. I think I shall not seem to be taking too much on myself, if, in the midst of my children, I yield Read more…


The Priesthood & The Remission of Sins: Part 3

remission of sins

by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos 3. Remission of Sins The subject of the remission of sins needs to be examined here because, under the influence of Western ideas, we have a legalistic view of it. We look upon sins as moral transgressions that arouse God’s anger, and so we see the remission of sins as nothing other than the propitiation of God’s justice and wrath. This whole perception, which is borrowed from courts of law, is Read more…


The Priesthood & The Remission of Sins: Part 2


by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos 2. Spiritual Priesthood Apart from Sacred (ordained) priesthood, there is also what is called spiritual priesthood. Orthodox Psychotherapy has a whole section analyzing this important subject. It is explained there that a person who has noetic prayer and prays for the whole world belongs to this spiritual clergy. I write: “The faithful who have noetic prayer have spiritual priesthood, Read more…


The Priesthood & The Remission of Sins: Part 1


by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos 1. Sacred (ordained) Priesthood My book Orthodox Psychotherapy emphasizes the great value of the Mystery of the Priesthood. Priesthood is highly prized. It is described in the writings of the holy Fathers of the Church, particularly in the teaching of St John Chrysostom, who has been rightly called an expert on the priesthood. As well as observing and analyzing the value of the priesthood, Read more…


Why Study The Diaconate?


An Video Interview with Dr. Andreas Andreopolis Source Read more…