Supplications for Vocations (during the Litany of Fervent Supplication)

Again we pray to You, All bountiful and loving God, to open the hearts and minds of the men and women of our parish family to hear the call of our Lord to the priestly and monastic life in service to our Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, dedicated to the Holy Gospel and the salvation of our souls.  Hear us, O Lord, and have mercy. Again we pray to You, O Lord our God, hear us in our great need and our thirst for Your p Read more…


GGWB Episode 15: The Priest as Shaman?

In this episode, Fr. Anthony begins by talking about the need to build joy into our routines. Then, after a (satirical) commercial break, he calls for Orthodox priests to consider taking on the role of Orthodox shaman as well. Read more…


Advice to Potential Monastics

A slight departure from vocations strictly to Holy Orders, this excellent interview with an Archbishop about vocation to monastic life is worthy of inclusion at GGWB. If you are considering monastic life, please enjoy this article. Why do people now go to monasteries not from an impoverished life but from a life of comfort, how to find the right monastery, which of the holy fathers should be read, what is the proper relationship of a Read more…


The High Calling of the (Royal) Priesthood

Christians make a profound ontological claim.  Joining St. Paul, we say that “it is no longer I who live but Christ (i.e. the God who is the Logos and Creator) who lives in me!” (Galatians 2:20) Being a Christian is more than a change of clothes, or even a change of heart… it is the creation of a new and godly man.  This new man - the one that every Christian claims to have become -  is completely dedicated to holiness, the worship of Read more…


GGWB Episode 14: the Priest as Pastor AND Prophet

In this episode, Fr. Anthony begins by talking about things you can learn about priests from the way the keep the altar. Then, after a commercial break for a cool new liturgical gadget, he talks about the trade-offs between the pastoral and prophetic ministries and how they are made one in love.  Enjoy the show! Read more…


GGWB Episode #13: Trust, Max Weber, and Dragon-Slaying Phone Apps

Good Guys Wear Black (Ancient Faith Radio) 23 September 2016, Fr. Anthony Perkins In this episode, Fr. Anthony talks about the phone apps he uses to slay the morning dragon of the desert and redeem the time. After a brief advertisement for an exciting new (bogus) app, he uses Max Weber to explain part of the frustration (and trust issues) on the part of clergy. Enjoy the show! Read more…


Podcast episode #9: The Context of Discernment for the Priesthood

After making a plea for keeping ecclesial politics subordinated to our Unity and Love for one another, Fr. Anthony makes a case for the priesthood being one of many options for those desiring to serve God and His Church. He also spends time introducing a book on vocations that the founder of the GGWB website, Fr. John Peck, recently released.  Enjoy the show! Read more…