Podcast Episode #18: Ten Suggestions for Chanters

Good Guys Wear Black (AFR), 27 December 2016 Fr. Anthony Perkins In this episode, Fr. Anthony gives ten suggestions, ranging from practical advice on how to pass the liturgical baton to the need for humility and attentiveness—that will help chanters and singers witness to the peace, harmony, and Read more…


On Reader’s Services (with thanks to Fr. John Whiteford)

St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Seminary On Services without a Priest Presentation for Distance Learning Residency, Autumn 2016 Modified from Fr. John Whiteford's excellent site to match local practices. +++ In case a priest is not available, with his blessing or that of his bishop, deacons, Read more…


An Orthodox Seminary in Toronto – it’s well worth checking out!

The Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College: Rigorous Orthodox Studies in a Full-Service University Setting History For nearly ten years, the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College in Toronto (OSTT) has been one of the best kept secrets in the North American Church. The school was Read more…


You’ve Got to Know When to Hold ‘Em

Priests have relationships with their employers and their organizations that go far beyond those of other professions.  Their position is what social scientists call "sticky", meaning that their career decisions have a built-in conservative bias against change.  This leads priests to stay in Read more…


Priests MUST Manage Their (Financial) Households Well

For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God? (1 Timothy 3:5) The church leader must be "one that governs well his own house."  Even those who are without the church have the saying that one who is a good manager of a house will be a good statesman. Read more…


Advice on Chanting for Priests

General Advice for Priests (I think these are important for just about all of us just about all the time): Develop and maintain a good relationship with your choir director, lead chanter (Dyak), and chanters.  This involves listening to them and taking their concerns seriously.  Remember: they Read more…


Orthopraxis and Theosis – The role of ritual in the training of the mind

Here is the paper I presented (warts and all) at the St. Sophia Institute Conference on Vladimir Lossky's The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church.  The conference was excellent and recommend such things to all those interested in such things.  The paper may be useful to priests and church Read more…