How to Get Competent Musical Leaders (Benedict Sheehan)

Addressing the Crisis:  Part II of the Musical Culture in Crisis series. Benedict Sheehan, The Music Stand (Ancient Faith Blogs) 06 January 2016 Orthodox church music in America is collapsing. What can we do? The first step is simply to recognize that a collapse is taking place. However, Read more…


The Need for Competent Musical Leaders (Benedict Sheehan)

A Musical Culture in Crisis Benedict Sheehan, The Music Stand (Ancient Faith Blogs) January 2, 2017 The longer I spend working in church music—conducting, singing, rehearsing, teaching, composing, arranging, copying, stapling, along with the myriad other things I do as a full-time c Read more…


What is a Priest? An Orthodox Statement

by Thomas Hopko The following remarks are intended as a brief apologia for what I understand to be the theological and spiritual vision of the sacrament of the priesthood in the Christian Church. I believe that this vision is rooted in the Church’s understanding of God as the Holy Trinity, with s Read more…


Podcast Episode #17: Advice for Preparing For and Dealing With Parish Disasters

Good Guys Wear Black Podcast (Ancient Faith Radio), 19 December 2016 Fr. Anthony Perkins On St. Michael's Day of 2012, the parish of St. Michael the Archangel (UOC-USA) in Woonsocket, RI suffered tremendous damage from a fire. In this podcast, Fr. Anthony, the priest of St. Michael's at that Read more…


This Thing Decreased My Stress as a Pastor – Fr. Andrew Damick

From Roads from Emmaus (14 December 2016) By Fr. Andrew Damick This week an article about pastors quitting ministry and even Christianity itself circulated among some of the clergy I know. I see articles like this all the time. Among this one’s ominous passages is this one: [ExPastors.com] co Read more…


The Priest and the Parish Council (by Fr. Lawerence Farley)

Parish Councils are like personal computers in a number of ways. The initials for both are P.C.; neither existed before very modern times, and we can scarcely imagine life in the church here in the West without them. It is sobering and somewhat instructive to learn that in the early church Read more…


What a Clergyman Should and Should Not Be

Presentation by His Grace Bishop Christoforos of Andida. It is truly an exceptional honour but also a great responsibility for all of us that we have been chosen by God to be clergymen. The Lord Himself affirms: “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you” (John 15:16). The Greek word for a c Read more…