The Problem of “Young Elders” in the post-Soviet Russian Orthodox Church

The problem of "young elders" is not limited to the Post-Soviet Church.  There, the problem was partly a consequence of the need to provide priests to serve all the new parishes etc. as the Russian Orthodox Church recovered from the collapse of the Soviet Union.  However, the combination of a Read more…


How to Get Competent Musical Leaders (Benedict Sheehan)

Addressing the Crisis:  Part II of the Musical Culture in Crisis series. Benedict Sheehan, The Music Stand (Ancient Faith Blogs) 06 January 2016 Orthodox church music in America is collapsing. What can we do? The first step is simply to recognize that a collapse is taking place. However, Read more…


Episode 20: Priest – Know Thyself (an interview w/ Fr. Gregory Jensen)

"Know Thyself" by Fr. Anthony Perkins Good Guys Wear Black (AFR Podcast) Fr. Anthony interviews Fr. Gregory Jensen about the need for priests to know themselves.   Read more…


Episode 19: Advice on Chanting … for Priests

Advice on Chanting - for Priests  (Ancient Faith Radio) Fr. Anthony Perkins, 05 January 2017 In this episode, Fr. Anthony shares some advice on how to build a good relationship with choir directors and chanters, talks about the need to have and work towards a vision of parish worship, and Read more…


A Risk-Averse Approach to Confession

There is a tradition among some Orthodox bishops not give a blessing for newly ordained priests to hear confessions.  Presumably this is in recognition of the tremendous harm even well-meaning but ill-formed confessors can do (and have done, as with the "mladostartsi" or "young elders" in the Read more…


Podcast Episode #17: Advice for Preparing For and Dealing With Parish Disasters

Good Guys Wear Black Podcast (Ancient Faith Radio), 19 December 2016 Fr. Anthony Perkins On St. Michael's Day of 2012, the parish of St. Michael the Archangel (UOC-USA) in Woonsocket, RI suffered tremendous damage from a fire. In this podcast, Fr. Anthony, the priest of St. Michael's at that Read more…


Parish Boards, Truncated Sample Bias, and Parish Reform

Studies in the self-help genre are notorious for their bad science (i.e. for their poorly constructed research designs) - even when they seem to rely on good data.  One of the most common traps is to rely on truncated or "survivor" samples. To see how easy it is to fall into that trap, let's do Read more…