Why You’re Not Too Old To Become A Priest

Fr. William John Clark Meet Fr. William John Clark.

He was ordained a deacon in 2001, and in 2003 at the tender age of 68 years was ordained to the Holy Priesthood. Now you might be tempted to say,

“That’s crazy! What could he possibly do for the Church at such an advanced age as a deacon, let alone as a priest?”

From his ordination as a deacon in 2001, Fr. Bill served in various capacities: Sacristan, Cantor, Reader, Sub-Deacon, Deacon, Sunday School Teacher and Director,  Parish Council member, Congress delegate, Church Auditor, Vatra Camp Counsellor,  Bible Bowl Advisor and LAROY Advisor. He served as cantor and congregation singing director; processions’ organizer for the Sunday School; cantor and co-server at services performed in the parish (funerals, memorials, anniversaries, etc.); pastoral visits with the pastor; visitation of the sick and shut-ins.

He is an excellent example of simply answering the call to serve Christ. With no expectations, he offered, and continues to offer, himself to Christ, to the Church and to his Bishop. Submitting obediently to the wisdom of his hierarch, he is busier now than ever before!

Since his ordination to the Holy Priesthood in 2003, Fr. Bill has undertaken the responsibilities of Priest in many locations, serving with distinction, love and honor.

At the request of his bishop, he has served as interim priest in places as varied as Ohio, Texas, Indiana, California, Arizona, and parishes in Canada.

All this along with liturgical and pastoral duties at St. George Church in Prescott, Arizona which include pastoral visitations to shut ins, hospital visitations, sermons, weekday liturgies, confessions and concelebrating on Sundays.

He also acts as a supply priest for clergy in Arizona who regularly call upon him.  Fr. Bill is living proof that age is not a barrier to humble, powerful and effectual service to the flock of Christ in the Diaconate, or the Holy Priesthood.

Just three weeks ago, Fr. Bill celebrated his 77th Birthday.

Fr. Bill answered the call of Christ.

What’s your answer?

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  1. Well said, Fr. John, well said! Being the humble priest that he is, you would never know about Fr. Bill’s accomplishments if left up to him to reveal..

  2. The Brannock’s are so blessed to have known Father Bill Clark when we lived in Prescott Arizona.
    He truly touch our lives in so many ways!
    We Love you Father Bill..

  3. I would not be a Subdeacon if it weren’t for Father Bill. He is a man full of love and will fight to make sure love wins. He loves to give everyone he sees a smile. After awhile I see others smile back at him. I love him like a granddad even though my parents may be older. He has that gentle wisdom and if you listen for awhile (because he will talk allot, to share his excitement about the church), you will see his heart.

  4. Oh God it inspires me a lot. I grew up to a very religiuos parents, and was baptised by Roman Catholic church. Went to seminary for one year, then went out as I realized that it is not the place I am looking into. After the death of my mother in 2004, I tried to join the Eastern Catholic Church under Dr. Mar Mikael of Edessa in Daly City, California, in which I became an under deacon. But I decided to lay low for a while as I found out when I tried to visit him in Daly City in 2007, and find no church. Only a residence of an ArchBishop. All my life I wish to become a priest, a married priest. Any advice that you can share? Please send your reply on my email ad below.

    Brod Misael

  5. I answered. They don’t want me. I’m too old. I would volunteer to become a priest TOMORROW if they would take me. Apparently this is a different church than mine with people who are more interested in finding priests than they are about finding reasons why someone cannot serve.

  6. Wow so much to think about. I went to a monastery at the age of 30 for 3 years and it was so beneficial. My spiritual director told me to go and pray about things. I am now 55 and can’t get on with my life because I believe I need to be serving the Lord as a priest or deacon. I thought working with the homeless would work but I just have this constant “nudge ” to serve the Church and Lord as a priest. Is it possible at my age? I know anything is possible with the Lord. Any help??