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    What a Clergyman Should and Should Not Be

    Presentation by His Grace Bishop Christoforos of Andida. It is truly an exceptional honour but also a great responsibility for all of us that we have been chosen by God to be clergymen. The Lord Himself affirms: “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you” (John 15:16). The Greek word for a c Read more…

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    What Is It To Be A “Former” Priest

    Interviewed by Alexander Vygovskyy For obvious reasons, we do not use real names and places, so as not to repeatedly "rub salt in the wound" in the soul of a man who has lost the honor of being a priest and serving the altar. So, our source — Alexander, is now just Alexander ... Let us need the w Read more…

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    Abbot Tryphon – graceful love (not therapy) is needed

    Self-Appointed Therapists: When correcting others becomes a form of abuse Abbot Tryphon in The Morning Offering (11 June 2016) When focusing on the sins of others, we set for ourselves the mission of correcting them. We see ourselves as called to help this poor, unfortunate one by pointing out th Read more…

  • St. Stephen experienced a culture of division; pray for us, O Protomartyr Stephen!

    A Case Study in Church Division – and repentance

    This article, "The Widowmaker Repents", recently appeared in my Facebook Newsfeed.  It's a couple years old, but still well worth the read. One of the challenges of Orthodoxy in America is that so many of our parishes were founded out of schism.  Whether the split was from Rome (as is the c Read more…

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    GGWB Podcast – Facebook Page

    The Good Guys Wear Black Podcast now has Facebook Page.  I'll post episodes (and other interesting things) there. Read more…

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    About Wearing Cassocks and Other Good Habits

    About Wearing Cassocks and Other Good Habits Fr. Lawrence Farley May 27, 2016, No Other Foundation I am a great fan of the BBC series “Call the Midwife”, which features a group of Anglican sisters working among the poor in a London neighbourhood as midwives. Their order is fictional, but is bas Read more…

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    A Few Thoughts on Narcissism in the Priesthood

    One of the most popular (and useful) GGWB articles of all time is "Signs in a Congregation That a Leader Has Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder"  If you look at the comments to that article, you will see indicators of something that researchers have confirmed: 1) the proportion of pathological Read more…


Apocalyptic Angels and Unworthy Servants

A Discourse on the Sacrament of the Priesthood by Archpriest Artemy Vladimirov Today, dear friends, let us set out by casting our minds unto that day of the Cross of Pascha—Holy Friday, when the Great High Priest, our Lord Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, bore Himself in sacrifice to Golgotha’s Cross, extending His hands, nailed to a tree, in order to embrace and attract to Himself all the sinners, penitents, and those with hope for t Read more…


GGWB Podcast #12: Slaying the Lazyathan

Slaying the Lazyathan Good Guys Wear Black (AFR), 02 September 2016 Fr. Anthony Perkins In this episode, Fr. Anthony talks about the differences between Summer and Fall ministry, pokes some gentle fun at Enochian fundamentalists, and makes a plea for the intentional patterning of habits that will tame chaos and redeem the time.   Read more…


Top 10 Tips for Attending Seminary

by Fr. Stephen Frase From our friend Fr. Stephen come these top 10 tips. What would you add to them? 1. Don't miss services, not even for studying or writing papers. 2. Go to confession, at least once every three weeks. 3. Ask difficult questions (really any question) to professors after class or during breaks. Do your best not to judge them. They are sinners in need of a Savior as we all are. 4. Being "right" is less Read more…


Episode #11; Evangelism is the Answer (with Bill Marianes)

Bill Marianes (of Stewardship Calling)  was giving a talk at the Ukrainian Orthodox League Convention; being the incredibly generous soul he is, he agreed to sit down for an interview to talk about how to energize and organize our parishes to the glory of God and the spreading of the Good News. The result? I think it's podcast gold.  - Fr Anthony Evangelism is the Answer, (Good Guys Wear Black, AFR) Fr. Anthony Perkins (11 A Read more…


The Tonsuring of Monks

Not all clergy are married. Many are monastics. This article from pravmir.com sheds some light on what the Church does to make a man a monk. I imagine that very few Orthodox have ever observed the rite for the tonsuring of a monastic.  The first time I observed the rite was during my stay at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Seminary in Pennsylvania, where a priest who had been recently elected bishop was being tonsured a monk prior to his epi Read more…


True, Priestly Image: Bishop, Priest, Deacon

by St. Symeon of Thessalonica Priests are servants of the Creator of all things, who are to serve in the restoration of those, who were alienated by their own free choice and fell into being evil. Priests are ministers of the greatest and most divine work, through which earthly and heavenly beings are reunited, enmity is dissolved, God makes peace with human beings, every deceit ceases, the dominion of the demons is extinguished, and Read more…


GGWB Podcast Episode #9: On Funerals

I prepared and recorded this episode in the midst of end-of-life-care and funerals for three prominent parishioners (and committed Christians). May their memory be eternal!  There's a lot I would like to have added to it (and some things I probably should have said differently), but it's a start.  You can add your thoughts and observations on doing funerals (and end of life care) well in the comments section. - Fr Anthony +++ On Fu Read more…