Ordination to the Diaconate: St. Petersburg Theological Academy

Another video from the St. Petersburg Theological Academy, this time a video edited to 10 minutes, the ordination of a subdeacon to the order of deacon. Another visual and musical feast, and worth the time to enjoy!   Ordination to the Diaconate: St. Petersburg Theological Academy Read more…


Ordination to the Priesthood: St. Petersburg Theological Academy

This video of a deacon being ordained to the Holy Priesthood was taken on October 18, 2015, on the 20th Sunday after Pentecost, in St. Petersburg Theological Academy in Russia. It's a visual and musical feast to behold, so be attentive as it has been edited for time. A beautiful video! Read more…


Which Professions Are Incompatible With The Priesthood?

All dioceses of the Russian Church will soon be receiving the document “Professions compatible and incompatible with the priesthood,” intended for broad discussion, writes the Church’s official site. The draft document was created by order of an inter-council commission dated January 28, 2015. To Read more…


How to Get Competent Musical Leaders (Benedict Sheehan)

Addressing the Crisis:  Part II of the Musical Culture in Crisis series. Benedict Sheehan, The Music Stand (Ancient Faith Blogs) 06 January 2016 Orthodox church music in America is collapsing. What can we do? The first step is simply to recognize that a collapse is taking place. However, Read more…


Episode 20: Priest – Know Thyself (an interview w/ Fr. Gregory Jensen)

"Know Thyself" by Fr. Anthony Perkins Good Guys Wear Black (AFR Podcast) Fr. Anthony interviews Fr. Gregory Jensen about the need for priests to know themselves.   Read more…


Episode 19: Advice on Chanting … for Priests

Advice on Chanting - for Priests  (Ancient Faith Radio) Fr. Anthony Perkins, 05 January 2017 In this episode, Fr. Anthony shares some advice on how to build a good relationship with choir directors and chanters, talks about the need to have and work towards a vision of parish worship, and Read more…


The Need for Competent Musical Leaders (Benedict Sheehan)

A Musical Culture in Crisis Benedict Sheehan, The Music Stand (Ancient Faith Blogs) January 2, 2017 The longer I spend working in church music—conducting, singing, rehearsing, teaching, composing, arranging, copying, stapling, along with the myriad other things I do as a full-time Read more…