Become A Chaplain

Why should I even consider Chaplaincy in the Armed Forces?

It is estimated that the USA has almost 3 million active and reserve service members in its 5 branches. The standard accepted percentage of Orthodox in the USA is 1 to 1.3%. So the number of Orthodox Christians in military service is estimated around 39,000.

Currently there are fewer than twenty Orthodox Chaplains covering all of the U.S. Armed Services both at home and overseas.

With few Orthodox Military Chaplains to serve them, many Orthodox Service Members are going with out religious and pastoral care in the US Military.

– St. George Orthodox Military Association


IF you want one of the hardest, most challenging schedules a clergyman can take.

IF you want unprecedented opportunities for advancement in skill and education.

IF you want the chance to serve and meet non-Orthodox and non-Christians on a daily basis, providing hope, consolation, counsel and healing to all in the name of Jesus Christ.

IF you want to serve those who serve with their lives, and their families.

If you are considering applying for an appointment as a military chaplain, you are considering one of the most unique spiritual opportunities for ministry available anywhere.

Military chaplains offer a broadly based ministry aimed at meeting the diverse pastoral needs of the pluralistic military community. Every Active Duty, Guard, Reserve or Civil Air Patrol Chaplain is required to receive an ecclesiastical endorsement from his or her own religious organization, no matter which branch of military service is desired. Each chaplain is expected to remain faithful to the tenets of the religious group granting one’s ecclesiastical endorsement. Selection to become a chaplain is competitive and based on the needs of the particular Service Branch to which a person applies.

Also, The U.S. Military has a program for those interested in entering into the ministry of Armed Forces Chaplain called the Chaplain Candidate program allowing you to explore the vocation of serving as a military chaplain while still in theological school.

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Click the links below to explore the possibilities of serving as a military Chaplain in our country’s armed forces.


U.S. Army Chaplain Corps

Serving the soldiers and officers of the U.S. Army. Today, as in the past, chaplains serve in a great variety of positions and places throughout the world. While their methods of ministry may change with the transformation of the battlefield, their ministry and message are timeless and immeasurable. No matter what your faith group, the Army Chaplaincy offers various ways for you to serve both God and your Country.

U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps

Whatever their backgrounds, beliefs and duties, Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen have religious needs that must be met. Serving the everyday spiritual needs of these exceptional men and women. Guiding them through life’s trials and tribulations. And doing the same for their families back home. .The Navy offers unique career paths that allow you to showcase your faith, your professionalism and your compassion.

U.S. Air Force Chaplain Corps

Serving the airmen and officers of the U.S. Air Force. Currently, there are over 500 active duty Air Force chaplains and nearly 600 in service with the Reserves and Air National Guard. Each chaplain is endorsed by his or her own religious group and remains faithful to the tenets of that body. Active duty and Reserve chaplains are responsible for supporting the free exercise of religion for all members of the Military Services, their dependents, and other authorized persons.