Fr. Anthony Perkins

Anthony PerkinsVocations Director of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, a professor at Saint Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Seminary, the host of the Ancient Faith Radio podcast “Good Guys Wear Black” and of the OrthoAnalytika podcast and blog, and the rector of St. Mary’s (Pokrova) Pro-Cathedral in Allentown, PA, Fr. Anthony is a convert to Orthodoxy and a late vocation to the priesthood.

Good Guys Wear Black!

Why does he love this website? As he put it;

“So many men have told how much benefit they have gotten out of Good Guys Wear Black. Orthodoxy needs a website that anyone considering a vocation can go to for information and advice. This is that website. I send people here all the time. Fr. John Peck did us all a great service in creating and running it; I have enjoyed building on his wonderful work.”

His vision for the website is the same as Fr. John’s;

“We need to connect with those who are discerning a call to serve the Holy Church as a deacon or priest and give them some objective direction, guidance, and consolation on their journey. We also need to provide a place where those who are looking to grow in their vocation can find resources to help them.”

Fr. Anthony is a firm believer that “priests need priests” and tries to provide content that will help prospective and current priests in their discernment and service.


Fr. John A. Peck

Peck in Prosk2Fr. John A. Peck, the creator of Good Guys Wear Black, is an Orthodox Christian priest in the Diocese of the Midwest, Orthodox Church in America. He is also the director of the Preachers Institute, and the founder of Journey To Orthodoxy.

Why did he create this website? In his own words,

“In creating Good Guys Wear Black, it is my goal to provide a resource for reflection, guidance, information and some sense of connection with chaste men who are discerning a vocation to Holy Orders.”

In other words, to connect with those whom God is calling to the Holy Priesthood, or the Diaconate in Christ and to give them some direction, guidance and consolation on their journey.

His Contact Information

You can contact Fr. John by email, or on Facebook.